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Morning Toilet

A bloodcurdling scream escaped the bathroom. Darryl, towel in hand, knocked on the bathroom door. If he had any concern for his roommate Shawn’s well being, his face didn’t show it.

“Hey, you gonna be long?” he called. He was answered only by muffled curses and the sound of the toilet flushing repeatedly. “I gotta get ready for work,” he said to the door, before shaking his head and shuffling down the hall with a yawn.

Seated in the kitchen, Darryl was surprised to see Shawn stagger in a few moments later. Shawn’s face was pale, and he clutched something in his right hand.

“It’s about time,” Darryl said as Sean sat across from him. “What took you so long?” In response, Shawn rolled something towards him. It was small and white. Darryl picked it up curiously. “It’s an egg,” he remarked. “Where’d it come from?”

“You don’t want to know,” Shawn said. His eyes were haunted.

“It’s wet,” Darryl said.

“I…fished it out of the toilet.”

With a startled yelp, Darryl shoved the egg back to Shawn. “You laid that?”

Shawn nodded. “Into the toilet. Splash.” Hands trembling, he picked up the egg and examined it briefly before returning it to the center of the table.

“I’m not eating that,” Darryl said. Sean glared at him. “What do you suppose is in there, anyway?”

They waited in silence for several minutes until they heard a cracking noise. With their faces inclined just inches away from the egg, they watched as a small fluffy yellow head emerged from a new hole in the shell. It peered at them, blinking its tiny, beady eyes. Then it quivered, closed its eyes, and moved no more.

“It was a chicken,” Shawn said sadly.

He began to gather the fragments of shell.