Son and Foe magazine




Issue One Highlights

This issue also included several stories written by Theodore Sturgeon that can no longer be viewed online.

Steve Watkins’ story “Critterworld” is still available.

Issue Two

This issue focused exclusively on the work of Lawrence Watt-Evans. The fiction portion consisted of The Spriggan Mirror, a novel, and a short story entitled “Sirinita’s Dragon,” both set in his world of Ethshar.

The Spriggan Mirror was an interesting experiment in self- and web-publishing that can be read up on here.

Issue Three Highlights

This issue also featured several stories by author Dean Paschal. Of them all, it is his coming of age story “Moriya” that comes closest to perfection—quite close.

Issue Four Highlights

Featured in this issue were several sections of Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, including “The Book of the Grotesques.”