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Issue Three Introduction

This third issue of Son and Foe is, as have been all the others, a special one for us. After taking the magazine in a few new and interesting directions with issue #2, we’re returning to our “roots”—if a publication so young could be said to have roots—and focusing once more on short fiction.

As you may have noticed, each issue of Son and Foe has featured, at least in part, a particular author. Our first issue showcased three of Sturgeon’s best stories, and our second (of course!) centered around Lawrence Watt-Evans, and his world of Ethshar. With this issue, we are proud to offer three shorts by Dean Paschal, from his collection By the Light of the Jukebox. Filled with stunning images and poetic prose, these stories represent some of the best writing anyone could have the pleasure of reading.

After You, this issue’s album, is a wonderful mix of original and traditional folk songs. If you take the time to go past the pleasant surface of the music’s sound (which is, of course, entirely up to you), you may be surprised at the depth and range of emotion, bittersweet and human, that comprise the album’s emotional landscape—here are lyrics deep enough to drown in.

We are also lucky enough to be able to include five poems from Claudia Emerson’s latest collection, Late Wife. Speaking of depth, or being bittersweet and human—well, these poems have all of that, and more. They are simple enough that, on the whole, a child could understand the words and sentences themselves. And yet they are complex, and compelling, enough to draw the adult reader back, to reward re-reading, for months and years after the first taste. Someone else must agree, because shortly after we arranged to use them in this issue, Late Wife was given the Pulitzer that it so richly deserved.

What follows is a mix of fiction, poetry, and music that continues to amaze me, even after working so closely with it for so long. Pay attention—you’ll thank yourself soon enough.